In Ohio back from California

At Twin Towers-

Above was taken at Twin Towers in San Francisco.

I assure you, Elisha was safe while snapping this photo.

There was a one foot drop to a grassy area that led to a very long leap below…

My adventuresome 9 year old was not in danger taking this photograph!

View from the Towers


I have not posted since the eve of our excursion (a flight) back to the bay area in California.  Words (for today) cannot describe the expereince both Elisha and I had with my brother Matthew and his lifetime partner, Michael.  Being in the midst of my brother’s daily life in SanFrancisco and in a northern community 2.5 hours above the city was  relaxing, enJOYable (my brother has a wit beyond anyone I have ever met, and kept us laughing), and an experience for all the senses.

We experienced the quiet buzz of a neighborhood in the Pacific Heights to the Sea lions’ calls on Fishrocks.

I will post the photos and let them tell the story, but I do have many snipets of time spent out west to share.  Just not now.

Helping Hand To Uncle Matt

Uncles Matt & Mike's Neighborhood


A.M. City Gardening

Cool Elevator on Jackson Street

View from the roof at Uncle Matt's

We love Uncle Matt!

Signs on Filmore Street

View From Twin Towers

Feeding the One-Legged Pigeon

" I am NOT a Giants fan!"





Saturday Adventures

Today we all went to the waters around here for a picnic lunch-with both golden retrievers. (Annie & Ellie)

It was a gorgeous morning in the pacific northwest, and prior to our picnic, Tim and Laura took us to a farm property where an event they are planning to host for a big New York Life gathering.

The farm was so beautiful, and the couple that farms the land were so gracious to us.

Cousin Max and a hen

Organically Fed Beef (soon to be)

Investigating the little barn

Raspberry picking

More raspberry picking...

Playing fetch with the "girls"!

"The Girls"

Laura and Tim

Ready to go now!

A Picture is worth a thousand words…


I have been snapping photos along the way of our journey…

Here are just a few that tell the very beginning of our “Great Western” excursion!
I noticed this Gerber Daisy had bloomed, on the day we left Malden for our summer vacation.

Getting going takes time

Getting over the bridge
Heading West!

Elisha is a good passenger
Ipads help travel boredom!

Road to Little Falls, NY

My old buddy "Buddy"

Farmer’s Market, Little Falls, NY

At the Erie Canal

TT and Elisha

We Love Little Falls!

Lock # 17


Teri & MM In Little Falls, NY

Cousin Kitty & MM

Fast Friends in Edinboro, PA

At the lake with Kitty Alward

Kitty, Buck & Cassandra

On the road again...destination Oregon, OHIO


My Grampa!

Heading West to SFO

On June 19th we left for our “Great Western Excursion” It began with flying to

San Francisco, California!

Dylan Hotel SFO June 19th Very Late at Night!

Took the BART to the city of San Francisco

Found Greyhound in San Fran

On the road to Santa Maria

We arrived to Santa Maria, CA

Lompoc Festival Ferris Wheel!



In neighborhood in Orcutt

At Farmer's Festival Avila Beach

Avila Beach

Californian Kitty!



Sunset on Avila Beach

Morro Bay, CA

Morro Bay, CA was a very special excursion we took with Mary & Rob Saunders on the Saturday after we arrived.

Morro Bay Rock

Sweet Friend, Mary...

Windy day at Morro BaySea Otters of Morro Bay

Conversation with a seagull

Mary & Rob & Elisha after a day in the sand, wind, and ROCK of Morro Bay!A San Luis Obispo Train StationON the Coast Light to Tacoma, WA

Getting Ready to continue on our Great Western Excursion

On Coast Light Heading for Tacoma, WA

Heading north up the Californian Tracks

Rolling on the tracks for 27 hours

Mt. Hood, Oregon

Approaching Portland, Oregon

Weary Traveler

Nearing our destination

Ready to Disembark!

Two Minutes to seeing Uncle Tim!

At Uncle Tim's with Sylvester

Elisha, Uncle Tim, and Alessandro

San Luis Obispo to Tacoma

This afternoon we will embark on the 27 hour train journey that will lead us to Tacoma, Washinton, and family and family camp.
I am gearing up for the long ride in the confined space, but I have booked a sleeper car on the second floor of the observatory car on the Starlight. This train journeys up the coast of California to Tacoma.
We (Elisha and I) are ready to travel. Our time in Samta Maria has been so relaxing, and we may be transition to bustling activities with my brother and his family. There are bikes to ride, hikes to walk on, sight seeing to,be done in Seattle or Tacoma, so, that means ferry rides and lots of walking. Family camp means cool activities like daily worship services, archery, horse back riding, swimming, biking, walking, kayaking, canoeing, horse back riding, zip line adventures. This year rumor has it that there is a jacuzzi somewhere on the Cascades Camp property…hmmmm.
My determination this year has to do with being able to get n a horse and go for a long trail ride.
Last year, I could not get my tush up over the saddle. Not sure if my core body strength is any different than last year, but I do know that I was much more cancer symptomatic last year than this.
So, I will try to get on a horse again. I will post it if I succeed!

Monday in Santa Maria

The time here in Santa Maria is so relaxing. No schedule. Just hanging out enjoying the company of good friends, eating delicious fresh food, and not having 1 “have to” on my plate. I don’t have to teach a class. I don’t have to go to any infusion of chemo. I don’t even have to get out of my PJs! Elisha and I are just enjoying the freedom from any structure in our day. However, if I want to catch that train tomorrow to Tacoma, then I’d better accept some sort of schedule. I don’t think Amtrak waits for anyone!

Church West Coast Style

Elisha and I attended a worship service at Mary & Rob’s church this morning. Element is the name of the church.
It was a beautiful experience even though the worship songs were unfamiliar, and the setting was new. God’s word is the same east coast or west, and the word brought forth from the pulpit (a funky looking one to look like something that would have been inside an ancient persian tent of yesteryears) was edifying.
This trip is so relaxing, and I am convinced that this is one of the main purposes of our excursion. Elisha and I have been in desperate need of relaxing. This previous academic year had been so intense, and stressful…even though while in it and taking a day at at time it all seemed okay.
I am grateful to have this much needed rest this summer, and I am thanking God for every moment. We set out for Tacoma, Washington on Tuesday via the sleeper car on Amtrak. Let the adventure continue!

Morro Bay Today

The weather in Central California is ideal. I love the coolness of the mornings and evenings. Last evening Mary and Rob took Elisha and I to Avila, CA. It is near Pismo Beach. It was a very special evening. The drive to Avila towards the great pacific was captivating. I loved looking out the window as we drove about a half hour to a very place.
They have what is called a farmer’s market every Friday evening during the summer. It is filled with local venders serving good fresh food at a reasonable price. Elisha had a shrimp taco, and I ordered the tuna burrito! Delicious. Music played in the back ground from a live band. Steps lead down to the beach, and it was there I watched Elisha’s glee! He begged me to allow him to take his shoes off. So, he then rolled up his pants, and he frolicked in and out of the tides. It was magnificently beautiful. The HUGE pelicans above we’re fishing with dramatic dives into the big pacific ocean. Incedible sight. I enjoyed watching Elisha enjoy the water, and in between I’d look up a the great birds. Although the water was cold, and usually only wet suited swimmers venture out in the waters of central Calofornia…he was clueless to the degree of the water. It was frigid. Eventually we all ended up on the pier-walking and watching the sunset. It was pink sky over the rolling hills and palm trees that line the horizon at Avila Beach. Suddenly, we all saw dolphins playing off in the distant. A first for me. It gave me great satisfaction observing this scene from nature. It felt like a gift from God for me. The breeze cooled, and the farmer’s market was winding down. We concluded our evening with ice cream at cold stone. A very sweet experience!

In Santa Maria, California

Our great western journey has begun! We arrived to Santa Maria after a long drive to Ohio over Father’s Day weekend.  I left Boston on June 15th, and inched my way across the Tobin bridge with thoughts and prayers that my trip was not going to be this laborious.  My patwere wasps on trial as my Chevy malibu inched its way across the bridge that leads me out of Boston.  it took about an hour and a half..?painful.  Once we got beyond Worcester, MA the drive to Little Falls, NY was smooth.  little Falls was beautiful with good friends, their lovely old home, the Erie Canal, herkimer diamonds, and a long walk before a long drive heading further west.

We set out for Edinboro, PA the next afternoon, Saturday the 16th…The traveling took all day and the rolling hills and farmlands of NY into Pennsyvania soothed my eyes. I was getting very tired and Elisha was ready to disembark the back seat of my car!  We arrived at Lakeside, my cousin Kitty’s sweet home, that late afternoon.  Hanging out in Endiboro was edifying for both Elisha and I.  My cousin, her husband Buck,and their teen daughter Cassandra, we’re so gracious to us.  We stayed for a bit of a family reconnection until later into Father’s Day.  It was nice and felt important.  My cousin and I had not seen each other for many years. (25).

After a wonderful visit, Elisha and I, and all our stuff,  stuffed into my car, and rolled into my sister’s driveway Sunday, June 17th around 6:00pm…Tired, but so glad to be “home”. I was grateful for the couple of days with my family before Elisha and I got on a plane to SanFrancisco!

However, on Tuesday, June 19th, we got on a plane with one suitcase stuffed with our stuff for our great western adventure, and flew to SFO. We landed in California that evening at 11:00pm Pacific time.  To our bodies it felt like 2:00am, so weary and travel worn, we took a shuttle to a hotel, and crashed until morning.  Elisha awoke at 6:30am.  It was early, but good because it took us awhile to get from the hotel to a 10:30 greyhound to Santa, Maria.  That adventure is to be shared on another post!