In Ohio back from California

At Twin Towers-

Above was taken at Twin Towers in San Francisco.

I assure you, Elisha was safe while snapping this photo.

There was a one foot drop to a grassy area that led to a very long leap below…

My adventuresome 9 year old was not in danger taking this photograph!

View from the Towers


I have not posted since the eve of our excursion (a flight) back to the bay area in California.  Words (for today) cannot describe the expereince both Elisha and I had with my brother Matthew and his lifetime partner, Michael.  Being in the midst of my brother’s daily life in SanFrancisco and in a northern community 2.5 hours above the city was  relaxing, enJOYable (my brother has a wit beyond anyone I have ever met, and kept us laughing), and an experience for all the senses.

We experienced the quiet buzz of a neighborhood in the Pacific Heights to the Sea lions’ calls on Fishrocks.

I will post the photos and let them tell the story, but I do have many snipets of time spent out west to share.  Just not now.

Helping Hand To Uncle Matt

Uncles Matt & Mike's Neighborhood


A.M. City Gardening

Cool Elevator on Jackson Street

View from the roof at Uncle Matt's

We love Uncle Matt!

Signs on Filmore Street

View From Twin Towers

Feeding the One-Legged Pigeon

" I am NOT a Giants fan!"





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