Saturday Adventures

Today we all went to the waters around here for a picnic lunch-with both golden retrievers. (Annie & Ellie)

It was a gorgeous morning in the pacific northwest, and prior to our picnic, Tim and Laura took us to a farm property where an event they are planning to host for a big New York Life gathering.

The farm was so beautiful, and the couple that farms the land were so gracious to us.

Cousin Max and a hen

Organically Fed Beef (soon to be)

Investigating the little barn

Raspberry picking

More raspberry picking...

Playing fetch with the "girls"!

"The Girls"

Laura and Tim

Ready to go now!

One thought on “Saturday Adventures

  1. Hi MnM,
    Kathleen was out for dinner, we duplicated your grilled salmon to perfection, walked on Good Harbor and she showed me how to sign-up for your new e-mail system.
    Need to catch-up with all of your posts now. Glad I am finally able to re-connect to you. Love you

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