San Luis Obispo to Tacoma

This afternoon we will embark on the 27 hour train journey that will lead us to Tacoma, Washinton, and family and family camp.
I am gearing up for the long ride in the confined space, but I have booked a sleeper car on the second floor of the observatory car on the Starlight. This train journeys up the coast of California to Tacoma.
We (Elisha and I) are ready to travel. Our time in Samta Maria has been so relaxing, and we may be transition to bustling activities with my brother and his family. There are bikes to ride, hikes to walk on, sight seeing to,be done in Seattle or Tacoma, so, that means ferry rides and lots of walking. Family camp means cool activities like daily worship services, archery, horse back riding, swimming, biking, walking, kayaking, canoeing, horse back riding, zip line adventures. This year rumor has it that there is a jacuzzi somewhere on the Cascades Camp property…hmmmm.
My determination this year has to do with being able to get n a horse and go for a long trail ride.
Last year, I could not get my tush up over the saddle. Not sure if my core body strength is any different than last year, but I do know that I was much more cancer symptomatic last year than this.
So, I will try to get on a horse again. I will post it if I succeed!

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