In Gig Harbor!

The Amtrak rolled into Tacoma last evening around 7:20, and Elisha and I disembarked. I still feel like I am rolling a bit. it was good to be greeted by my younger, and very handsome, brother Timothy. He works just down the street, and was there with big smiles to greet us. It is peaceful here at my brother’s house. They have a menagerie of animals though. Two golden retrievers, a big black cat, a cockatail, parakeet, and various bowls of fish. oh yes, and a rabbit!
My other sister and her family are due in this afternoon, so it is a mini family reunion here in the great northwest.
I am excited about family camp, and we all will e heading there on the fourth of July,
I am feeling mighty grateful today for the time to do all of this traveling this summer.
I am beginning to experience the “silver lining” of being a public school teacher.

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