In Santa Maria, California

Our great western journey has begun! We arrived to Santa Maria after a long drive to Ohio over Father’s Day weekend.  I left Boston on June 15th, and inched my way across the Tobin bridge with thoughts and prayers that my trip was not going to be this laborious.  My patwere wasps on trial as my Chevy malibu inched its way across the bridge that leads me out of Boston.  it took about an hour and a half..?painful.  Once we got beyond Worcester, MA the drive to Little Falls, NY was smooth.  little Falls was beautiful with good friends, their lovely old home, the Erie Canal, herkimer diamonds, and a long walk before a long drive heading further west.

We set out for Edinboro, PA the next afternoon, Saturday the 16th…The traveling took all day and the rolling hills and farmlands of NY into Pennsyvania soothed my eyes. I was getting very tired and Elisha was ready to disembark the back seat of my car!  We arrived at Lakeside, my cousin Kitty’s sweet home, that late afternoon.  Hanging out in Endiboro was edifying for both Elisha and I.  My cousin, her husband Buck,and their teen daughter Cassandra, we’re so gracious to us.  We stayed for a bit of a family reconnection until later into Father’s Day.  It was nice and felt important.  My cousin and I had not seen each other for many years. (25).

After a wonderful visit, Elisha and I, and all our stuff,  stuffed into my car, and rolled into my sister’s driveway Sunday, June 17th around 6:00pm…Tired, but so glad to be “home”. I was grateful for the couple of days with my family before Elisha and I got on a plane to SanFrancisco!

However, on Tuesday, June 19th, we got on a plane with one suitcase stuffed with our stuff for our great western adventure, and flew to SFO. We landed in California that evening at 11:00pm Pacific time.  To our bodies it felt like 2:00am, so weary and travel worn, we took a shuttle to a hotel, and crashed until morning.  Elisha awoke at 6:30am.  It was early, but good because it took us awhile to get from the hotel to a 10:30 greyhound to Santa, Maria.  That adventure is to be shared on another post!

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