Church West Coast Style

Elisha and I attended a worship service at Mary & Rob’s church this morning. Element is the name of the church.
It was a beautiful experience even though the worship songs were unfamiliar, and the setting was new. God’s word is the same east coast or west, and the word brought forth from the pulpit (a funky looking one to look like something that would have been inside an ancient persian tent of yesteryears) was edifying.
This trip is so relaxing, and I am convinced that this is one of the main purposes of our excursion. Elisha and I have been in desperate need of relaxing. This previous academic year had been so intense, and stressful…even though while in it and taking a day at at time it all seemed okay.
I am grateful to have this much needed rest this summer, and I am thanking God for every moment. We set out for Tacoma, Washington on Tuesday via the sleeper car on Amtrak. Let the adventure continue!

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