Healing Hope Fundraiser Today

Today between 3-7 many will gather for the purpose of raising funds and gift card donations for the Healing Hope Ministry.

We are gathering in my sister’s church for this event.

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Oregon, Ohio.


The gift card ministry to cancer patients at MGH is expanding west!  It is naturally expanding to a Toledo area hospital-Mercy cancer Center.

My sister Cathy has headed up this event, and it is going to be amazing.

We are holding a silent auction, and I am excited about seeing people bid on the many donated items.  I am in awe at the generosity of family, friends and customers of my sister and brother in law.  My Ohio visit is about this event, but once it is through, onto visiting my siblings that live here, and my parents more deeply.  Since my return from California, my time has been occupied on assisting with this event.

I will be posting the results this coming week, and trust the fundraising event will be blessing many patients and their families in the weeks and months to come…

I heard my sister state to someone that this will become an annual event.  I smiled inside to hear that.



One thought on “Healing Hope Fundraiser Today

  1. Hi Mary Margaret, I am praying this will be monumental! I am very excited for you. Cathy is such a mensch (the female version. You know what I mean!).

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