July 11th in Gig Harbor, Washington

We are enjoying everyday as we are here with my brother’s family.  Each day has adventures for Elisha.  His older cousin, Zach, hangs out with a group of 9-12 year old boys.  Elisha is loving the freedom to roam in the safety of his cousin’s care, bike riding, and adventures in the adjacent woodlands.  Gig Harbor is a safe environment where kids can hang out in groups in cul-de-sacs, and backyards.  Elisha plays hard everyday.


Well, I have been sleeping in, and then going for walks, eating well, have lots of quiet meditative time.  I am so content here-just absorbing the different setting.

We leave for San Francisco on Monday for another leg of the trip…Another brother-Another place to explore.


One thought on “July 11th in Gig Harbor, Washington

  1. This post made me feel for Elisha. I remember running as a pack in Canada with my summer friends and relatives and then returning to my the much less fun and pleasing school year home. :-(

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