Cedar Point Amusement Park Sandusky, Ohio

We (meaning a bunch of us Batanians and extended family members) spent the day at Cedar Point.  I had not been there since 1978 when “The Blue Streak” was the rave.

The roller coaster they have now are mind (and body) blowing.

I ended my excursion with a swift (but nauseating) ride on a roller called the “Raptor”.  Yikes!  I was as nauseated as chemo can make one…but it passed by the time I had traveled an hour home to my sisters, and laid my tired (but happy) head on a pillow.

Elisha experienced his very first roller coaster ride (s) and the verdict is still out on if he liked the experience or not.  My sister Cathy and I laughed so much throughout the day-especially on the ride home when we were all a bit ‘punchy” from the days events.

I won't eat a hot dog, but I will take a pic with one!


Cousins Sarah & Elisha

"Iron Dragon Roller Coaster Stress!"

Ice cream & a funny photo cured Roller Coaster Stress!


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