July 1st in Washington State

Unusual Woodpecker

It is a quiet morning in Gig Harbor.   Elisha left for a day of sightseeing with uncles, aunties, and cousins.  I stayed behind to attend a worship service, count my blessings, and have a day of stillness.  I am fatigued, but not beyond repair.  I sensed a day of walking the city of Seattle might compromise my level of tiredness.  I am trying to avoid being grouchy, at all, towards Elisha.  The time here at my brother’s home before we all go to family camp is so sweet.

There is much to do, see, and feel here.

I feel a sense of belonging because of the relationships.  My brother’s family are all kind hearted, witty, funny, and generous as he is…

I am soaking in the beauty of the great northwest.  It is big country out here, and the ever presence of the tall abounding evergreens startles me in moments.  The mountain ranges in constant view remind me of the scripture of how the psalmist looked to the hills to where his help comes from-the Lord.

So, this whole journey since our arrival at SFO with the rolling hills of central California to the northern states of Oregon & Washington with their mountain ranges…I am reminded.  ”My help comes from the Lord”

In this non-chemo treatment mode I am in, the reminder is timely.

The waiting can be stressful, but I am taking my oncologist’s advice in my last check up on June 6th…”Live in the moment this summer.  Live in the moment.”

Good advice cancer or not.


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